About S. J. Callaway

Writer S. J. Callaway on vacation in Colorado (2019)

    My name is S. J. Callaway and I am a fantasy author.

    I was born in northern Illinois just before the turn of the millennium. I grew up in a family that prioritized education and learning, and was surrounded by adults who read books. Like them, I too developed a passion for reading, specifically becoming interested in fantasy. To further engage with the stories I read and the worlds I immersed myself in, I started writing stories of my own. Many of my early stories copied or were heavily inspired by books I had read, movies I had watched, or video games I had played, but over time, my writing and ideas evolved to become more original. Now, I am an indie author who specializes in everything fantasy. I am currently working on my first book, which I plan to publish next year (2024). I continue to reside in Illinois with my partner and my two pets, a snake and a tarantula.